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Monday, April 2, 2012

Update (April 24th)

This project has a page and has since gotten some interest from people I've not met, which is fantastic.
There is also now a public facebook page for the group here:
(There are currently far more people in the organizing group, than the public page, but of course the organizing group is much older)

 I have gotten increasing interest from students and others on and around campus. We will soon begin duplicating 3D printers.
I do not claim to be the 'leader' in any sense. any person with good ideas and initiative is welcome to any resources I can provide.
I would be very happy if there were so much constructive activity going on that I cannot keep up, but for as long as my assistance is beneficial, I will try.

I am currently in negotiations for a very promising location with an impressive retro CNC machine, lathes, saws, drills, welding equipment, and more. The owner of the equipment shares our vision, and so he is willing to allow conditional, responsible access to his equipment.

We are currently discussing reasonable (non-profit) membership dues. I expect the final numbers will be something like:
Month-to-month Maker membership: $18 per month
Ulti-maker membership (contributor deductions): $12 per month
Multi-month membership deductions available
Archon Status: $50+ per month

Monthly rent for the whole Makerspace is looking like up to $230 with electrical costs. Any amount in dues, in excess to the upkeep costs will go toward good equipment, and/or other exciting contributor determined investments.

Contact me for meeting details.


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  1. OK We just wanted to do this quick introduction post. Our name is DFW Makers Club, located in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area in the state of Texas. We are to our knowledge the latest hackerspace to open up in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We are for the most part a group of students who have started this project and are going through the steps to eventually open our doors to the public at large reasonably early next year. We are trying to meet up to our challenges and overcome them in the process to build a model organization. Our central goal is for our hackerspace to act as a community oriented nonprofit workshop helping people of all walks of life pursue technology and industrial related interests both as a group and as individuals. We shall do that by:

    1. Educating, teaching and instructing youths, school children, the unemployed who wants to gain new employable skills etc etc and we shall spread our knowledge, knowhow and expertise in the fields in which we as a group or as individuals may excel.

    2. By giving the community at large access to tools, expertise, knowhow and manpower in order to work on their own projects and also contribute to the hackerspace in their own right.

    3. By recruiting among our local communities and by having regular get together in order to build solidarity with and among our hackerspace, our immediate community and the overall community of Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We also aim to reach out, network and build friendships with other hackerspaces.

    The challenges faced by our organization are many but the most debilitating one is that of a general lack of resources esp. at the rate that we are expanding our overall activity. Given the fact that most of the members of our hackerspace are students and as enthusiastic as we are we come from mostly humble backgrounds. Therefore in order to meet our economic and resource related challenges - namely a dedicated workspace open to all 24/7, we are considering raising capital and are interested in starting a kickstarter campaign. What do you guys think? We are interested in hearing from established hackerspaces such as yourself. Let us know if you have any questions, we will be glad to reply and update you with the pertinent information. And of course we would definitely appreciate any word of advice and any support in substance and/or in spirit.

    You can follow us on our website hackerspace and

    Thank You.